Functional health and dependency

The increasing life expectancy raises the question of the quality of the additional years of life. This question has been extensivelly debated since the 1980’s and ecjoes the aging theories of "the compression of morbidity", "the expansion of chronic diseases and mental disorders" and the "dynamic equilibrium".  In this context it is crucial to monitor and analyse trends and patterns of chronic diseases, disabilities and limitations in daily activities that possibly results from a deterirated health. It is also crucial to identify the population exposed to situations of handicap and loss of autonomy. These works explore the health perception, activity limitations, medical factors, social and family factors, needs to maintain activity and social participation as well as future needs for health care and specialized institutions.

Diseases, disability, dependency: concepts and measures

The works aim at defining and measuring the disablement process, from diseases to the situations of handicap.

Selection of publications:

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Health expectancies

I am producing and analyzing health exectancies indicators pour France and within the European research programmes. I use multiple sources in order to document trends and patterns as well as disparities (social and gender).

Selection of publications:

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From diseases to dependency

My research explores the disablement process, from the chronic diseases to disability and the loss of autonomy. The disablement process models, first proposed in the 1970’s described a phases of deterioration of the functioning: impairments and functional limitations induce limittaions on activities which can turn into situation of dependancy on someone’s help in daily activities.

Selection of publications:

  • Montaut A, Cambois E. 2011, État de santé et participation sociale des adultes atteints de limitations fonctionnelles, in DREES (eds). L’état de santé de la population en France en 2010. Indicateurs associés à la loi relative à la santé publique. La documentation française.pp57-69
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  • Cambois, E. and J.-M. Robine, 2003. Vieillissement et restrictions d’activités : l’enjeu de la compensation des problèmes fonctionnels. Etudes et résultats;261: 1-10.

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